MG Electronic services

MG Electronic Services have been providing PC’s, Servers, and associated Computer Support Services since the early 1990’s.
We continue to offer Bespoke PC’s, Servers and network administration to the “smaller” business customers. Having MGES administrate your network is like having your own IT Dept but without the low utilisation, high cost headaches of providing your own staff.

In addition to supplying hardware and network administration we also offer many other services including:ADSL Broadband for Business and Home, Domain registration, Web hosting, email forwarding, Network Security etc.

MGES offer a wide range of computer products and services for Business and home business users. We appreciate that each company is unique and can have different requirements.

For this reason we tailor our products and services to suit the individual customers requirements. We can offer ongoing maintainance to your PC’s, Servers and network in addition to Emergency repair services.

To ensure you achieve the maximum benefit from our solutions, we provide a variety of professional support and maintenance services that can be tailored to meet your requirements.

• Incident Based Support
• Hardware Maintenance / Support
• Software Support

We offer a FREE Network/Site audit and consultation to any potential new customers. The site audit will consist of an overview of your existing IT infrastructure including:
Network Equipment & Cabling Strategy, Network Security (Including Virus Defence) , Server Infrastructure, Client PC Installation, Software Installations.
The details of the audit will cover each main area of your business and recommendations will be made based on the perceived activities of your company.
A Site Audit often reveals other shortfalls within an installed infrastructure, and very often there are new cost saving advancements which can be made.

Call us now on 07802542104 or email: to arrange your FREE Network site audit.